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Ladies & Gentlemen,
Welcome To Canyon County!

A Neat & Fun-Filled City Packed With All
Kinds Of Colorful Personalities To Meet!

Canyon County Studios

Home of the most bodacious Trio!

The Bottom End of the Character Spectrum..The Non-Henious Spectrum that is...

Mr. Brown, or as we call him BrownStone, is a strict & Major Killjoy when it comes to having fun. He's also not very good at giving bathroom lessons, especially when it comes to taking a leak..

But he's nothing compared to what's coming up next... 

DIllion, or was we call him Dillweed, is not all that right in the head. Wanna know why you might ask? Well he came to school one day with a chipped tooth & we 'Excellent' Ones asked him: 'Dude, why do you have a chipped tooth?'

He responded: 'I hit myself with a metal baseball bat & that's why it looks like that fellas'.

He's the absolute definition of a 'Square' or in our case 'A Dillweed' that & the fact he wears a pink 'Justin BIeber' shirt...

...Totally Bogus & Most Non-Triumphant!

Ah Mr. Heart-Hands! Who could forget this obnoxious & creepy looking dude that Joseph brought in the house to celebrate as a somewhat 'Special' surprise Valentine event. I have a bad feeling he's gonna appear every single time valentine's day falls upon us..Bogus...

I wished for a leprechaun & I was granted one that makes wishes come true..but not in the good way dudes! After Cory literally wasted my last wish by asking for a 'Magic Bong'..well he got just that..but the little trickster cruelly placed him inside of his granted bong! That dick! 

Buddi/Chucky, who's appearance is not to be confused with Charles Lee Ray/Chucky's, is a technologically advanced A.I. who's come equipped with all sorts of gadgetry (Including making Ice Cream of all things). But he's kinda glitchy & unfortunately deadly! He even nearly choked Cory to death! No way! Yes Way dudes..

Frosty The Snowman (A.k.A. Jack Frost) Is A Deranged Winter nightmare..At least for Cory that is, as he was the only one to witness it coming to life! Is it just his imagination? the others might see it for their very eyes as well!