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Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome To Canyon County!
A Neat & Fun-Filled City Filled With All Kinds
Of Colorful Personalities To Meet!

Canyon County Studios

Home of the most bodacious Trio!

Greetings, mortals..

I'm the prince of darkness himself, Satan. I'm on a evil quest to destroy the 3 insipid ones & with the aid of my new secret weapons to use against them, plus an extra 2 ft tall servant.

Behold! My secret weapons! The Lost and Damned. Jennifer, the leader and rather sassy one of the trio. Ojo, the small, yet intelligent of the group & Rory, the vicious but deadly 'Karate's Bad Boy'!

and lastly Chucky a.k.a. Charles Lee Ray/LakeShore Strangler.
Where would I be without a major loyal dodo serving the prince of darkness himself? Chucky is as deadly as soon as he gets ahold of any weapon he comes across. His motto? 'Don't Fuck With The Chuck'!