Production Photos. Production Photos. John reliving a memory.. John thinking back at something 007 said to him once.. 191083712 Cory and Jojo arguing -_- Cory starts to become violent, while assuming and arguing that's he's the taller one. 191083711 That was it!? Jennifer smirking at John for doing the best insult at them. 191084215 Do it again, come on! Jennifer taunting John to throw another insult at them hehe ^^ 193976750 John vs. Chucky street brawl The scene with John and Chucky in a gritty street brawl. 191147808 The Three Joes Trademark Pose You know what they say, Two heads are better than one :) 191407084 Satan burning a statue repilica of The Three Joes Jeez, what's up his butt? -_- 191598862 After the street fight.. Need a hand? 192468740 John hitting the punching bag BOOM! :D 192468741 Jennifer's new haircut Whoa Jennifer! Really digging the bodacious hairstyle! :D 193320447 The street fight begins.. The beginning of the street fight climax between John and Chucky. 193976781 Satan when he's pissed WHAT!? 193976782 And man are they UUUUUGLY! Description's all in the picture, hehe :D 193976783 Do it Again, Come On! (Remastered) Much improved from the original drawing :) 193976784 John reliving a memory 2.. Rocky V Quote: You was angel :( 193998189 And where do we feature? Just listen to teacher >:) 194728389 Yes our teeth and ambitions are bared! Ooooohh! :D 194728390 I'm sick of walking dude.. Fun fact: They were only 5 seconds away from their house XD lol 195423915 John's Alternate Dark Future As John and Chucky were fighting one day, they ended up even fighting in Joseph's labratory (cause Joseph is a genius after all, hehe). John then elbowed Chucky into Joseph's 'Gene Mixing Machine' and scuffled with Chucky in it, causing the machine doors to close on them and beginning the process. Chucky's evil spirit then merges with John's DNA thus causing John to scream loudly while feeling pain inside. Now..The Birth of Evil/Dark John... 199996086 John and The Leprechaun NOTE: I got this drawing done yesterday on Saint Patrick's Day, but the sun was already down and it wasn't bright enough for me to take the picture :( But here it is finally! :D :) John taunts the Leprechaun into getting the 100th coin back from him, saying "Hey Lep! You want your 100th coin back? Come and get it!" to which Lep replies "Try as you will, and try as you might. Whoever steals me gold, won't live through the night." 201534704